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3 Tips to Artwork for Your Game art design

There’s an unfortunate truth that a lot of people are in denial over, and that truth is that people judge a book by its cover. In our case, they judge a game by its Steamcapsule art and the first 15 seconds of the trailer. That isn’t to say a bad-looking game can not gain some traction, but it will be a harder uphill climb, and you’re gonna need all the help you can get if you want the player’s attention. The reason for this is simply that there are too many games out there. To get on the top of their “must-play” list, you have to capture their imaginations in only 5-10 seconds. It’s hard to communicate good gameplay in5 seconds, and you can’t even show someone a good song in 5 seconds, but visuals are instantaneous.

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Graphics evoke emotions that instantly convert the busy gamers out there into super fans. People told me that they were close to crying just by looking at the first gif I posted on Reddit. game art The emotions that the image evoked were enough for gamers to clear their schedule, save up their pennies, and say “I need to go on this journey with this fox.”

There’s a very important distinction I need to make when it comes to the phrase “good graphics.” When you hear “those graphics are amazing!”, I would say the vast majority of gamers aren’t looking for photorealistic graphics. They are looking for striking “art direction.” Let’s take a minute and look through these lesser-known indies with striking art direction. They immediately catch your eye without complex graphics. Start the montage music! So, why do these games look good? This is a very high-level art lesson, but hopefully, it helps you brainstorm what you can do for your game.

1, Monochromatic.

They command visual attention by using one or two colors, and usually, those two colors are complementary. It also makes the game more memorable when a person sees it for a second time.

2, Utilize Negative Space.

This makes it easier for the eye to find the subject, which helps a ton when a person is quickly scrolling through their social media feed or the Steam store. how effective minimal graphics can look with a clean composition and maybe some texture applied to the graphics. The final aspect.

3, Art Elements are Consistent.

It would also look weird if a colorful public domain character started walking around in Limbo. Naturally, a person can spend a lifetime studying and composition, but hopefully, these examples help you figure out what you’re capable of making, and how to make simple graphics look good and striking. So, now the big question I need to ask you, what are you good at? Game Art Design What have you been doing for years that you could somehow incorporate into your game?

If you can only make blocky, retro 3D models with pixelated textures, maybe you could turn that into a Quake-inspired FPS. Just look at Dusk, whose solo developer David Szymanski created a retro FPS renaissance and sold over 100,000 copies. Maybe you used to be good at watercolor painting when you were a kid. Maybe you could hand-paint environment elements and scan them into the computer, much like the game Sacramento.

If you feel like you have no idea where to start with art, you need to do what I did: scour the Unity asset store and find out what you can afford, and decide if it fits into your vision. By seeing what’s available, you can let your imagination run wild and jump-start your project, desire to finish your game.

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